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Polymeric sand is used when we install interlock to maintain the look and appearance of your interlock. Polymeric sand creates a durable surface in between the stones. It also helps to stop weeds from growing in between. Polymeric sand may need to be maintained every 1 to 2 years depending on wear, or longer.

If you prefer, we can take the maintenance of the polymeric sand off your hands. For any interlocking project that is up to 200 sq ft we can re-apply a top coat filling in empty spaces of polymeric sand for you for $500 +tax. Please call the office at 905-466-5297 for pricing above 200 sq ft.

Completely removing old polymeric sand and replacing. Call for pricing.


The manufacturer recommends not using salt on your interlocking stone in the winter. We suggest using sand instead for traction.


Use a leaf blower or sweep excess lawn clippings off of your interlock. This prevents grass from growing in between the interlocking stones.